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Fight for Life 4.3

Peer Education on AIDS Prevention: Fight for life is a training project on experiential, non formal learning concerning AIDS prevention among youngsters. It is addressed to youth workers, who will become peer educators and they will perform similar activities in their countries of origin. The project, therefore, was expected and managed to: Effect changes in knowledge, attitudes, beliefs and behaviours… Read more →

Smoking Prevention 3.1

“Peer Education on Smoking Prevention” was a training project on experiential,no formal learning concerning smoking prevention among youngsters. It was addressed to youth workers, who became peer educators and performed similar activities in their countries of origin. The project was expected and managed to provide the participants with the essential knowledge and skills, so that they would then update and… Read more →

Captain Cook 1.1

In recent years while political, economic and social relationships have been extensively tested, mankind neglects the key cultural factors, such as food and its importance. The modern way of living has resulted in transforming the eating process from an opportunity for social interaction to a fast, isolated and individualized process.  However, the consumption of food is an important presupposition for… Read more →