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Creative Interpersonal Relations LLP

“Creative interpersonal relations” was a six-day training workshop, based on learning by participation methodology, and dealing with the development of interpersonal relations during leisure time. The participants were adult learners  from all  27 EU member states, Iceland , Norway, Liechtenstein (the EFTA_EEA countries) and Turkey, from different, economical, social and cultural backgrounds(direct target group). The project, was expected and managed… Read more →

Crash Test Revised LLP

“Crash test revised” was a six-day training workshop on conflict management. The participants were adult learners a) from different, economical, social and cultural backgrounds, who experience conflict in different settings p.e. family, community, job etc b) NGO volunteers and trainers on lifelong learning education (direct target group).  The project, therefore, was expected to provide the participants with the essential knowledge… Read more →

The Violet Project 4.3

Studies in the topic of violence reveal that there is an increasing number of incidents in the European context. “The Violet project” was a 6-day training course, from 06 to 11 of January 2011, based on non-formal education and learning by participation methodology, in the topic of violence and its prevention. The Greek hosting organization, AENAO, realized the project in… Read more →

Captain Cook 1.1

In recent years while political, economic and social relationships have been extensively tested, mankind neglects the key cultural factors, such as food and its importance. The modern way of living has resulted in transforming the eating process from an opportunity for social interaction to a fast, isolated and individualized process.  However, the consumption of food is an important presupposition for… Read more →