How youth work changed my life – CoE Compedium

AnnaGBeiAs a young person, are you involved in youth work? If older, maybe you were involved in youth work when you were younger? Would you say that youth work has had an impact on your life? Have some specific people in your youth work experience had an impact on you? Is there a particular moment that will always stay with you?

We were glad to hear about it from some people and on this page we would like to share these stories with others… how being involved in youth work has affected lives in terms of

  • personal development;
  • professional development;
  • ‘civic’ engagement;
  • or some other aspect(s)…

This Compendium is about individual stories, whether these are from a local community youth centre, a national event / activity or on a European / international level.

The story of Anna Bei, a member of Aenao NGO since its begining, is included in the aforementioned Compedium!

My story is told through images depicting my youth training experiences around Europe. These were milestones for my personal, civic and professional development.

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