AFRODITA “Empowerment and inclusion of disadvantaged adults through sport and art”, is a project funded by the European Union that offers an opportunity for disadvantaged adults from 4 EU countries (Italy, Greece, Spain and Germany) to emancipate themselves through artistic and sportive activities, improving their key competences required by the contemporary multicultural European society. Our priority is the inclusion and diversity in all fields of education, training, youth and sport.

Key target groups of Afrodita include:

  • Disadvantaged adult learners: migrants and refugees, unemployed, NEETs and early school leavers, people from rural areas etc.
  • Adult Education Providers
  • Sports clubs
  • Public Institutions
  • Civil Society Organisations

Expected results would be:

  • Empower and re-skill marginalised adult learners in the 4 partners’ regions and other EU countries, due to the transferability of the developed outputs
  • Equip adult educators with new tools, using sport and art approaches
  • Support the social inclusion of vulnerable adults, providing quality tailored education
  • Network at EU level for development of key competences and improvement of the basic and transversal skills of the EU citizens

Participants and learners of the AFRODITA project will develop their competences through implementation of a Training Toolbox, created by project partners as an outcome.

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