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The Declaration of Human Rights states clearly the right of all individuals to make decisions concerning their own lives. imagesHowever, many young people feel that they cannot take control of their lives; since they are excluded from any decision- making processes. The twelve months project aims to empower young citizens, in an attempt to develop a more active role in their community, promoting human rights. This will be an attempt to encourage young people to establish bridges of communication with different groups which are experiencing social isolation and prejudices by some parts of the society, as well as to suggest new ways of living together with these groups and enhance mutual cooperation.

The phases of the project are as follow:

1st phase: AENAO will implement an 8 days training course in Thessaloniki, which will attend 40 beneficiaries, aiming to:

• increase knowledge on human rights, such as democracy, freedom, solidarity etc.

• Enable young people to play a more significant role in promoting democratic values, human rights, and diversity in their local community

• Enhance understanding and acceptance of cultural diversity

• Contribute on the development of communicational, problem-solving skills

• build leadership skills and stimulate youth involvement in local decision-making processes.

Through this seminar , AENAO will foster a sense of common identity and purpose among democratic groups and democratic societies generally.

The project will be based on non-formal education (experiential learning), focusing on the individualized needs of participants and aiming to cultivate empowerment and development of personal skills, in order to enable them to be actively involved in their community. A number of different techniques will be used to enhance the interaction between the youth trainers and the participants and to promote active participation in the group, such as role- playing, brainstorming, group discussions, case studies, questionnaires and dramatization. Participants will be able to use the acquired knowledge and new methodology and transfer these skills in their community.

2nd phase: The beneficiaries of the training course will run a short project (3 days duration) (with 25 local beneficiaries at each country) acting as multipliers. They will make a research on local needs at their community in regard with the human rights that are not respected and they will find /propose solutions. Thus the projects’ outcomes will benefit not only the participants, but also their local community.

3rd phase: At the same time the trainers of AENAO will make verification visits in some of the participants’ countries

4th phase: At the final stage a one-day workshop will be held in Thessaloniki to disseminate the outcomes of the project (100 people).

The final material (educational DVD, booklet, video ) will be distributed not only to the participants and their NGO’s but also to relevant agents.

Through this project, changes and transformations will occur in micro (e.g. participants- to reject passivity and adopt a more dynamic attitude towards human rights- and NGO’s) and macro- level (broader communities and countries).

Eligible countries

Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Fyrom, Serbia, Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Russia, Turkey,Kazakhstan,Kyrgyz Republic,Russia Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan

Profile of Participants

Each country will be represented by a group of 4 participants and one leader. Potential participants are all people:

Between 18- 30 years old

Motivated on the topic of human rights

Able to use English as a working language

Ready to fulfill an active and open role in the workshop

Able to attend the full duration of the workshop

Willing to run the local workshops and act as multipliers

Working Language


Group Size

40 participants

Dates and Place

The training course will take place in October 2015 inThessaloniki, Greece. Further accommodation details will be announced soon.

Financial Conditions (accommodation, food and travel)

80% of travel expenses for phases 1 and 4 (upon presentation of the relevant documents), food and accommodation will be covered by the project. Only 20% of the travel expenses will be covered by the participants. Local workshops will be covered by the local NGOs. In this project there will be a participation fee of 30 euros.

AENAO’s Profile

The NGO AENAO was established in 2006 and is actively involved in the field of non- formal education by developing and implementing a number of projects to promote health and social issues, as well as contributing in the development of cognitive, emotional, and behavioural skills. Moreover, it occupies a group of volunteers from a variety of scientific fields, and experienced scientists coordinate each project contributing by this way in its effectiveness.

AENAO, aims to:

Promote health by creating networks and implementing projects based on non-formal education and learning by experience methodology

Undertake national and international collaboration with reliable agents, in order to exchange experience and best practices

Design programs that encourage social cohesion, protect the human rights and respect the environment

Empower women to take initiatives and improve their socio-economic status

Empower young people, enhance and build their personal skills.

Inform society on innovative programs and activities which are conferences, seminars, meetings, etc.

Organize campaigns and initiatives that benefit the society


How to apply

In the attached file you will find a word file that you need to complete with information related to your NGO. Keep in mind that the selection of the participating NGO’s will be according to specific criteria (e.g. similar actions or interests) and will be announced to you via e-mail. In case you have any queries, you can contact:

Amoutzia Catherine:

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