Active Citizens Towards Stronger European Union (ACT Stronger), Project No 101081349

Citizens’ Forum on Climate Change and Environment

International in-situ event in Thessaloniki, Greece, 14 December 2022

First International in-situ event under ACT Stronger CERV programme was celebrated in Thessaloniki, Greece at 14 December 2022. Participants from European countries – Spain, Greece, Bulgaria, Italy, France, Cyprus, Lithuania, Germany, Czech Republic, Armenia, Romania, Jordan and Moldova – joined in order to study, learn and cooperate on Climate Change and Environment.

The event was full of experience and interaction; the morning session was allocated at KEPEA Thermis where there was a training session on environmental sustainability. During the afternoon and evening sessions, partner countries shared information and discussed about the Climate Change, its impact and actions in the European Countries.

Looking forward to the next event on ACT Stronger!

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