Peer Education on AIDS Prevention: Fight for life is a training project on experiential, non formal learning concerning AIDS prevention among youngsters. It is addressed to youth workers, who will become peer educators and they will perform similar activities in their countries of origin.
The project, therefore, was expected and managed to:

  • Effect changes in knowledge, attitudes, beliefs and behaviours at the individual level.
  • Create change at the societal level by modifying norms and stimulating collective action, as well as contributing to changes in policies and programmes.
  • Share ideas from international point of view on the theme of AIDS.
  • Reinforce mutual respect among the participants and, furthermore,
  • Create the incentive for further cooperation on the theme of AIDS prevention among the partner Organisations.

The project  met and promoted the above focal points through the placement of 29 beneficiaries in Kerkini (Serres, GR) for the period of 23/02/2008 to 29/02/2008.

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