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A seven-day training course on peace education

Project Summary
Europe is experiencing tremendous changes in societal, economic and political level. These changes are the result of conflict of interests and needs between different involved parties. However, conflicts are not solely a negative event, but also can have a positive aspect since they can lead to necessary adjustments and changes for the common good. Peace of Mind project is a training course aiming to enable young participants to consider conflicts a true opportunity to create positive changes by learning to managing them effectively. Experiential learning, which applies in non- formal educational settings, will be used to achieve the above-mentioned goals. One of the advantages of experiential learning is the emphasis on the individualized needs of the participants and the encouragement of sharing of experiences. The proposed project aspires to meet and promote the above objectives through the placement of 20 beneficiaries from Slovak Republic, Poland, Hungary and Czech Republic. The venue of the implementation of the project will be Thessaloniki and will run for a period of 7 days by the NGO AENAO from 9/02 until 15/02/2015.

The Learning Objectives
The project is expected to:

 Demonstrate the principles of equality and non -discrimination
 Promote the understanding of peace, human rights, democracy and social justice
 Facilitate dialogue and communication between diverse groups of people
 Promote respect for differences
 Use learning methods that enable participation cooperation and problem- solving
 Develop opportunities to practice peace-making strategies in a safe context

Eligible Countries
The training is open to participants from:
• Slovak Republic
• Poland
• Hungary
• Czech Republic

Profile of Participants
Each country will be represented by a group of 5 participants
(1 leader & 4 members)

Potential participants are all people:
 Between 18- 26 years old (only 20% can be between 26-30)
 Youth trainers, youth workers, youth leaders
 Motivated to participate in a project on peace education
 Able to use English as a working language
 Ready to fulfill an active and open role in the workshop
 Able to attend the full duration of the workshop

Working Language

Group Size
20 participants

Dates and Place
The Training Course will take place in Thessaloniki, Greece from 9th until 15th February 2015
Further accommodation details will be announced soon.

Financial Conditions (accommodation, food and travel)
70% of travel expenses (upon presentation of the relevant documents), and 100% of food and accommodation will be covered by the Program. Only 30% of the travel expenses will be covered by the participants.
In this project there will be a participation fee of 30 euros.

How to apply

In the attached file you will find a word file that you need to complete with information related to your NGO. Keep in mind that the selection of the participating NGOs will be according to specific criteria (e.g. similar actions or interests) and will be announced to you via e-mail.

Deadline for application: until 20 of July 2014


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