“Step Forward” is a mobility project addressed to 39 young people from 11 countries (Greece, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Latvia, Egypt, Finland, Algeria,Georgia, Roumania, Bulgaria and Italy).  Participants will be youth workers, youth leaders, educators, facilitators, mentors   and young people, who have the power to utilize their gained knowledge and skills  in their  local community  and act as ambassadors of the Erasmus+ program.

The proposed project will be implemented by NGO AENAO.

The overall aim of the   project is to promote the E+ program and to highlight the opportunities that   the action of youth mobility offers.

In order to achieve the goals, participants will attend a 9-days seminar, which will be held in Thessaloniki from 22-30 of November 2017. Coming back to their countries, the participants will act as multipliers and organize local workshops.

Furthermore, 4 months after the implementation of the mobility, one representative from each country will attend the follow-up meeting in Thessaloniki (7-9 March  2018 ), in order to evaluate the project for its effectiveness  and sustainability.

Both training course and the follow up meeting will be based on non-formal educational methods.

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