Studies in the topic of violence reveal that there is an increasing number of incidents in the European context. “The Violet project” was a 6-day training course, from 06 to 11 of January 2011, based on non-formal education and learning by participation methodology, in the topic of violence and its prevention. The Greek hosting organization, AENAO, realized the project in Thessaloniki (Greece). It was addressed to 22 youth workers from 7 EU countries (Italy, Estonia, Hungary, Poland, Greece, Sweden) and Turkey who became peer educators/ multipliers, in their countries. The participants learned how to use the appropriate techniques in order to avoid violence in various settings.

The above-mentioned project aimed to:

  • Create / empower personal, social and communicative skills, necessary for violence prevention;
  • Encourage people to learn how to recognize and benefit from their differences;
  • Reinforce mutual respect towards individual’s rights and emotions;
  • Reduce aggressive behaviors;
  • Ensure better community functioning and effective problem solving;
  • Train youngsters and professional on learning by experience (participation) methodology in a multicultural environment, so as to act as multipliers at national and international level;
  • Create the incentive for further cooperation among the partner organizations.

All the programme-elements were set up to reach the objectives. A variety of activities such as role-playing, plenary sessions, case studies, instinctive writing, artistic creation, etc., field trips etc., were used during the training course. The daily feedback helped to evaluate the intervention.

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V-Family violence in Hungary

V-Educational Material

V-Domestic Violence in Turkey

V-Daily Programme




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