logo“Stay Fit- Stay Calm!” is an eight-day training course, addressed to 40 youths from Greece, Italy, Belgium, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Cyprus, Croatia, Bulgaria and Malta, coming from different economical, social and cultural backgrounds. It is based on learning by participation methodology, aiming to motivate young people on outdoor activities and grass root sports in order to improve their mental and physical health.

The project is expected to assist individuals to develop their skills by experiencing activities in a safe and friendly atmosphere. The participants will be able to transfer on their own turn the new skills in their life and act as multipliers in the broad community. It will be based on non- formal education and particular emphasis will be given on the learning by participation methodology and experiential learning. The training will consist of intense and short live activities with innovative methods, such as team work, role- playing, artistic creation, social stories, brainstorming, movement games, behavioral rehearsal, modeling, steam groups, etc. Furthermore, outdoor activities will assist to empower themselves and hence to feel better both mentally and physically.

Through the project the participants will:

– Understand non – formal education for adult learners.

– Get involved with healthy behaviors in order to improve their quality of life and psychic health.

– Adopt an energetic lifestyle, which will act beneficially in physical and mental health.

– Build on personal skills, theoretical and psychological, in order to manage psychological issues.

– Exchange experience and know – how.

– Encourage partnership among the participating countries.


The Greek hosting organization, AENAO, will realize the project in Thessaloniki (Greece), from 1 to 9 March 2015.

Download the Call for Greek Volunteers!


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