“Step Forward”: A training course in the frame of Erasmus+

Step Forward was a 9 days Training Course, which took place on 22-30/11/2017 in Thessaloniki in the frame of Erasmus+ program, hosted by NGO AENAO. It was a European Mobility of Youth Workers Project with 39 participants from 10 different countries (Greece, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Latvia, Egypt, Algeria, Finland, Bulgaria, Georgia and Italy). 

The training was based on non formal education methods. The objectives of the project were to raise awareness  of the youth about the opportunities Erasmus+ provides to them, to increase the  knowledge about Erasmus+ and mainly KA1, to enhance  the skills in terms of project management under Erasmus+ program, to label the  quality elements of a project and to promote  non formal education among youth.

The participants took part in workshops where they applied the knowledge and skills they gained and explored the problems that their local communities are facing. After their return to their countries they acted as multipliers and contributed to the dissemination of the project, organizing local activities. For the evaluation of the success of these activities, the methods and the tools used, representatives of all countries met again in Thessaloniki in March 2018. During this meeting the youth-workers shared their experiences from their workshops.  Also, the participants were given the opportunity to plan new projects based on Europe 2020 and new bases were created for partnership and networking for further, long-term and quality collaboration. 

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