Creative interpersonal relations” was a six-day training workshop, based on learning by participation methodology, and cirdealing with the development of interpersonal relations during leisure time. The participants were adult learners  from all  27 EU member states, Iceland , Norway, Liechtenstein (the EFTA_EEA countries) and Turkey, from different, economical, social and cultural backgrounds(direct target group).

The project, was expected and managed to assist adult individuals to develop  interpersonal relationships
by experiencing activities in a safe  and  friendly atmosphere of the workshop. The participants were able to transfer in their own turn the new skills in their life and act as multipliers in the broad community,  the NGO’s where they act as volunteers, etc  (indirect group).

The workshop was based on non- formal education, with particular emphasis on the learning by participation methodology and experiential learning. The training consisted of intense and short live activities with innovative materials, such as teamwork, role- playing, artistic creation, social stories, brainstorming, movement games, behavioural rehearsal, modelling, steam groups, feedback, etc. The everyday feedback procedures contributed to the evaluation of the project.

The project was expected and managed to:

  • Increase knowledge on the topic of  building interpersonal relations
  • Build on personal skills and modify attitudes and values
  • Suggest and adopt techniques to manage interpersonal relations
  • Respect the human rights and the otherness
  • Offer a better comprehension of no formal education   for adult learners
  • Exchange experience and know – how
  • Co–formulate innovative strategies and utilise them in the local communities
  • Encourage partnership among the participating countries

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