“Step Forward” was a 9-day seminar of the Erasmus+ that took place from  22 to 30 / 11/2017 in Thessaloniki . This was a mobility program involving 39 young people from 10 different countries (Greece, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Latvia, Egypt, Algeria, Finland, Bulgaria, Italy and Georgia).

The participants were youth workers, youth leaders, educators and generally persons who have the power to use the knowledge and the abilities they already have to their local community and act like representatives of Erasmus+ project. The training course was based on non formal techniques of education. This project was implemented by the NGO AENAO.

The specific objectives of the program were to raise young people’s awareness of Erasmus+ and its opportunities, increase knowledge about Erasmus + Key action 1, enhance skills in program management,  labeling  the quality of a program and  promote non-formal learning among young people.

The participants participated  in workshops where they applied the acquired knowledge and skills. One of the main goals was to point out the problems that already exist to the local communities, both in Greece and in the other nine countries. In order to achieve this goal, two activities were organized:

  • the participants made a research, for the local community’s problems   before the training and presented their findings during the seminar;
  • an educational visit to NGO ANTIGONI ,held on November 29th, was organized. A representative  from the NGO, presented their  actions and the participants interacted with the staff of the Ngo and discussed an important issue, that Thessaloniki and generally Greece faces, the “refugees integration”. Through the screening of the short film “Solder”, an interesting debate on refugees emerged and the participants were informed how ANTIGONI deals with this issue.

Additionally  when the participants will  return to their homeland they will act as multipliers and will contribute to the dissemination of the program through their organizations organizing  local events.

In order to evaluate the success of the workshops, the methods and the tools they used, the participants will meet again in Thessaloniki in March 2018. At this meeting, they will share their experiences. In addition, participants will be able to organize new actions on the basis of the European 2020 strategy and 2020 objectives and will provide the basis for greater networking and support for long-term and qualitative cooperation.




The Participants NGOs was:

  1. Open Sense – Latvia
  2. Prosveta – Bulgaria
  3. Centro Sviluppo Creativo Danilo Dolci -Italy
  4.  Droni – Georgia
  5. Power No Borders – Egypt
  6. Future in our Hands – Armenia
  7. ARC EN CIEL – Algeria
  8. SKUNK – Finland
  9. Modern Youth Public Union – Azerbaijan
  10.  Aenao – Greece



2, Panagia Goumera str

PO BOX D1436, Gorgopotamou

,  57001 Thermi, Thessaloniki, Greece


amoutzia@auth.gr    aenao7@gmail.com

tel: +302310420489 +306947202318


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