Europe is facing one of the most difficult period of its existence and one of its most important problem is the refugees and migrant crisis.

The last years were characterized by:

  • EU’s external borders have increasingly been the scene of human tragedies
  • the Brexit demonstrated the weakness of the Union
  • the continuing arrival of refugees coming from Syria, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Pakistan, Iraq, Eritrea is increased a lot
  • EU in under a terrorist attacks often organised and done by single person so very difficult to be stopped

The number of refugees hosted in Europe is about 4.5 million (+43% more than 2014 and +158% more than 2013).


It seems to be a challenge for the associations and NGOs to help and work in parallel with the public authorities facing the problem.

For doing this, it is necessary to find, understand,share the good practices and apply them in local territories.Our main goal is to offer the best services and to guide the population to accept and respond positively to all the humanitarian needs.


For this reason our project planned different activities that could support the partners but also the local communities and directly migrants and refugees.

Some of the activities that we want to realise in this project are the following:

A1. Facebook project page  in English to spread information on social media

A2. Leaflet in all languages of the partnership (to explain project, partnership and aims)

A3. Web site (in all the partners languages)

A4. Focus Groups in each country with organisations working for refugees and migrants

The general objective of the action is to develop and implement effective and concrete ways to strengthen the integration of migrants in the society and cope with a pressing need for more inclusion.

The general objective has been identified considering the following needs:

  • help the social service providers and organizations working with migrants to scale up their activities relevant to the migrants integration;
  • support the training and skills development to enable more practitioners to improve their capacity building on diversity and identity management;
  • cooperation between organizations working with the mission of the social and cultural inclusion.


By Thanos

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