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1.1 Youth in Action Project Results (1.1/R3/2013/20)

Europe is experiencing tremendous changes in societal, economic and political level. These

changes are the result of conflict of interests and needs between different involved parties.

The project “Peace of Mind” which was implemented by the informal group “CHANCE” and was funded by the YOUTH IN ACTION program, sub-action 1.1, attempted to enable young participants to consider conflicts as true opportunity to create positive changes by learning to managing them effectively. Since conflicts are not solely a negative event, but also can have a positive aspect, they can lead to necessary adjustments and changes for the common good.

Experiential learning, which applies in non- formal educational settings, was used to achieve the abovementioned goals. Particular emphasis was given in the personal needs of the participants, as well as their differencies.

The Youth Exchange was implement in Chalkidona (12-21 May 2014) at hotel “Maison”  where 37 beneficiaries from 8 European Union countries (Italy, Romania, Poland, Estonia, Turkey, Croatia, Czech Republic and  Greece) were able to interact, get sensitive and adapt into the group in order to learn and develop their personal creativity. The participants got familiar with concepts such as acceptance of cultural diversity and equal opportunities for personal development.

Outcomes of the project

The participants:

  • Became familiar, accepted and respected diversity and differences
  • Used learning methods that enable participation, cooperation and problem- solving.
  • Facilitated dialogue and communication between diverse groups of people.
  • Develop opportunities to practice peace-making strategies
  • Worked in a safe environment

The overall outcomes of the project were a flash mob shown in Chalkidona Square and an artistic creation made by the participants as an attempt of acceptance of cultural diversity.

Flash mob available @

Peace of Mind memories available @

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